History / Mission of the NWNTEA




The Northwest Nostalgia Top Eliminator Association was started back in 1989 by the late Ron Gorans, his sons, Don, Dan and Dennis, family friend Jim Dillinger and Woodburn Dragstrip owner Jim Livingston.

Ron wanted an economical way to race 200mph. Blown nostalgia front engine dragsters, "If that is possible," and to do something that both he and his sons could enjoy together.

Ron Gorans started racing in the early 1950's and by the end of the decade was successfully campaigning a Top Fuel Dragster. Ron raced throughout the Northwest until 1970 when escalating costs and other commitments forced him to take a 16 year hiatus.

With the resurgence of nostalgia front-engine dragsters racing in the mid 80's, Ron was inspired to replicate the last dragster he had raced in the 70's, a 190' wheelbase AA Fuel Dragster. At the time the only sanctioning body racing nostalgia front-engine dragsters was the California-based Nostalgia Drag Racing Association. It had a 150" wheelbase limitation in effect, so he was forced to search for another venue in which to compete.

Many racers in the Northwest either were resurrecting their old dragsters or constructing new ones that conformed to early 70's specifications, and with Ron's guidance the Northwest Nostalgia Top Eliminator Association was born.

Ron Gorans and Dick Kalivoda were co-chairmen for the Association until 1993. At the time Darrell Brown took over for Dick Kalivoda as co-chairman. Ron Gorans and Darrell Brown were the co-chairmen for the Association until Ron's unexpected death in November of 1996. After Ron's death his son Dan Gorans joined Darrell Brown to assume the chairmanship of the Association, Darrell Brown stepped down as the Association co-chairmen in November of 2016.

Dick the "Joker" Kalivoda and "Bellingham" Bert Cammack share duties as the Association's track announcer, their insight into the Association's racing is a wealth of information for the spectators.


Our Mission


We strive to maintain a 60's feel with our racing and have fun!!!

All of our dragsters are direct drive, with no electronic, pneumatic or hydraulic assisted devices.

Using only crew tuning and driver skills to achieve the 7.60 ET index, we take the spectators back to the 60's to experience drag racing the way it used to be.

Most of our teams run between 7.60 and 8.00 at 185 to over 200 mph.

The self imposed 7.60 index helps to keep parts breakage to a minimum for the racers and spectators and makes for some very close racing.

Our race dates are usually two day events with qualifying for an eight car field on Saturday and elimination's on Sunday.

Saturday Qualifying:

Two qualifying passes on Saturday, to set up the elimination ladder for Sunday's eliminations, (1 vs 5, 2 vs 6, 3 vs 7, and 4 vs 8)

Sunday's Eliminations: "Chicago Style"

All dragsters will run two elimination rounds, the two dragsters closest to the 7.60 index either over or under during the two elimination runs, will run for the win in the final round, the dragster closest to the 7.60 index either over or under in the finals will take the win.



Presently Our Association Consists of The Following Dragsters and Their Drivers