Latest News 05/06/2017


Twenty eight years ago, the Northwest Nostalgia Top Eliminator Association was started by the late Ron Gorans, along with his sons, Don, Dan and Dennis, family friend Jim Dillinger and Woodburn Dragstrip owner Jim Livingston. The Association strived to take spectators back to the 60's to experience drag racing the way it used to be, racing direct drive front motor dragsters with rules that mirrored drag racing specifications from the late sixties and early seventies.

 The Association raced at dragstrips throughout the Pacific Northwest, California and Canada and at its height, hosted as many as 8 race dates in a season.

Due to socioeconomic factors, the age of some of our members and no new teams showing interest in the Associations drag racing format, the 28th Annual Hot Rod Nationals at Woodburn Dragstrip on August 13th & 14th, 2016 was the Associations Last Drag Race.

All of the Association members would like to "Thank" all the fans and dragstrips that have supported us during our 28 years of nostalgia drag racing.




 “What Nitro and Women have in Common.”

Thoughts on the subject by Mike Floyd

Both can be found at the dry cleaners.
Neither one is at all predictable.
They both change with the weather.
Each acts differently at different temperatures.
Both can make your heart race and feel alive!
Neither one is much of a bargain.
They can blow up or melt down without much notice.
Each one is worth pursuing but hard to catch.
Both smell just great!
Neither like to be squeezed too hard.
They make a lot of noise.
Each could become volatile.
Both of them make drag racing the best sport.
Neither one can be mastered.
They will make your eyes water at times.
Each woman and each Nitro engine is beautiful!

So, if you don’t deal well with disappointment,
best shy away from nitro and women..........
or try your luck

You may win a race against a blown alcohol car
and get your picture taken with a trophy girl!!!